Learn Jewelry Computer Aided Design

In Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace

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The complete course for Jewelry CAD Dream
Included with JCD V.13 Purchase or Subscription

Learn Jewelry Computer Aided Design

In Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace

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The complete course for Jewelry CAD Dream
Included with JCD V.13 Purchase or Subscription



Learn from the experts

Most Jewelry CAD software packages fall short in two areas; capabilities and training. At Jewelry Cad Cam Masters, LLC (JCCM, LLC) we believe that you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to learn computer design. Yes, we can have you building beautiful designs quickly, but to make very unusual custom models it will take time to become proficient – any powerful tool takes time to learn, you shouldn’t have to learn by yourself!

Learn At Your Own Pace

The Jewelry CAD Dream Training Program comprises of 100's of online training videos that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Watch and re-watch at your own discretion.
This program offers flexibility. Rather than endure the expense and inconvenience of attending a workshop thousands of miles away or try to learn on your own with DVDs, you have access to an instructor in a virtual classroom. Learn the right way to model with real-time builds of jewelry pieces.

Learn From Experienced Jewelers

 Most importantly, the Jewelry CAD Dream Training Program is run by Jewelry Cad Cam Masters, LLC, not a third-party training company. That means you’ll have a better understanding of how the software works, and less “Uh, I’ll have to ask the company and get back to you on that!”
You’ll also have the advantage of working with an experienced bench jeweler who can help you understand from both a software and a jewelry design standpoint. It’s like having two teachers in one!

The Software and Training Package

 Here at JCCM, LLC we know that good training is essential to getting the most out of any tool. That is why all of our software subscriptions or permanent license purchases include comprehensive training (including full access to the Jewelry CAD Academy). And when you feel ready, upgrade to the  Advanced training level for access to our catalogue of advanced building webinars.

Advanced Technical Support

 JCCM, LLC also offers free advanced technical support for everyone in the Jewelry CAD Dream Training Program.
If You’ve Walked Away From Other Software Programs Because Of Lack Of Support, It’s Time You Tried the Jewelry CAD Dream Training Program.
We take you under our wing, allow you to learn at your pace, and answer all you questions quickly, comprehensively, and expertly. It’s as close to a one-on-one coaching you’ll ever get for free!

The Jewelry CAD Academy


The Jewelry CAD Academy is here to provide detailed instructional learning for jewelry CAD. Lessons start at the most basic level, allowing the absolute beginner to get a structured guide into and through the world of CAD modeling.

 The Jewelry CAD Academy teaches concepts and principles that allow you to get the most out of the manufacturing and rendering process. So you will learn how to build the right way; keeping it tidy, setting up the history well and creating variables is all knowledge that will allow you to build models that permit fluid and easy customization.

What You Will Learn in The Jewelry CAD Academy

The Interface


You will learn how to navigate the Jewelry CAD Dream V.13 interface one step at a time.

3D Modeling Commands


You will be taken through each of the 3D modeling commands so you know the tools at your disposal prior to designing.

Basic Models


Starting with basic models, you will learn the jewelry tools and techniques available and begin to get an understanding of different ways to manipulate your 3D environment.

Templates and Components


JCD comes full with jewelry templates and a library of pre-made models. You will learn how to use these so you can create with ease and speed.

Modeling The Right Way


You will be taught how to model the correct way; so you can make the most out of JCD's dynamic history. Set up models so they can be easily customized, redesigned and optimized to suit every need.

More Complex Modeling


At the later stages of the course you will be capable of understanding more complex modeling approaches allowing for more freedom and originality when designing.

How It Works

All of our training utilises online videos, so you can learn wherever and whenever you like.

General Training

Jewelry CAD Academy

Advanced Training

Included with software purchase or subscription

Included with software purchase or subscription

Requires additional purchase

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