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"I have tried several different CAD programs and courses. Jewelry Cad Dream is, by far, the BEST! It is strong and intuitive and set up for successful designing & manufacturing. And I can’t say enough about the support I receive in relation to this program: The technical and lesson support are truly outstanding. Questions and concerns are answered promptly, fully, and in understandable language. Jewelry Cad Cam Masters is as committed to my progress as I am. After major frustration with attempts using other programs and classes, I’m so very pleased with all facets of this company - it’s truly a Jewelry Cad Dream come true!"

Lisa Paley, GG
‘Divine Human Custom Jewelers', U.S.A.

"Choosing Jewelry CAD Dream as my Cad program was the best choice I could have made. The program itself is so versatile and is everything you need to make any piece of jewelry your mind can create. I am very impressed with tools the program offers and how fast I have picked it up. The training JCD offers is fantastic, the lessons starts with showing the basics and gradually moves to making fine jewelry. I never missed a step. If I ever had an issue the JCD support team has spent time with me to show me the proper techniques to each component I had trouble with. The service has always been quick, effective and I am extremely appreciative. JCD will be the fastest growing CAD Company for many years to come. Making jewelry via CAD is not only the future, but it is also the most effective way to make jewelry today."

Auston Baca
‘La Vita VitalI’, U.S.A.

"Not only is Jewelry CAD Dream The best software out there, They saved me tens of thousands of dollars by giving me great advice! Thank you Jewelry CAD Dream!"

William Brown
2015 Cleveland Hotlist “Best Jewelry Designer” Winner

"After 30 year experience as a custom designer and a model maker it was hard to imagine how I was able to work before. Jewelry CAD Dream gives me creative freedom, and helps me to see the finished product. It definitely saves a lot of time, and it makes it a lot easier to go back and change something. But I think that support is the number one most important thing because designing jewelry can be very complicated. The support is amazing! John is a great teacher and doesn’t give you a hard time when you are trying to learn something. I’m not sure I would have learned as much if it wasn’t for him."

Alex Zamsky
‘Alex & Company’, U.S.A.

"Jewelry CAD Dream is easy, easy, easy. I tried Rhinoceros before and I just couldn’t understand it. I’m not very computer inclined, but I found that Jewelry CAD Dream was easy to learn. A big part of that I think is the support I got from John, which was absolutely fabulous. If I ever ran into a problem, normally within half an hour we had it solved. I was also really impressed with the results. The casting is very exact, so if I’m making a two-tone piece or something with hinges, the castings just click together. Everything is very easy to assemble. If I had to start all over again, Jewelry CAD Dream is the only software I’d choose."

Charly Ordenanz
‘Brillante Jewelers’, U.S.A.

"It’s a great program. I checked out some other programs like Matrix or 3D, and found that Jewelry CAD Dream is much more advanced and has a more powerful engine. And with all the updates they put out, it’s getting better and better. For the past 30 years, I’ve done everything by hand but after learning Jewelry CAD Dream, I don’t want to go back to the bench. I want to do all my designing on the computer simply because it’s faster and easier. It’s unbelievable."

Michael Shnayder
‘Euro Design Jewelry’, U.S.A.

"I wanted to get into computer design because I thought it would be much faster and easier to design. I was right. A necklace that used to take me about a month to model now takes about 2 or 3 days to design using Jewelry CAD Dream. Plus, you can show your customers what the piece will look like, and easily make changes to the design without having to create a whole new model. But I think the most important part of Jewelry CAD Dream for me is the fact that John is so willing to train people on how to use the software. He’s a jeweler, he’s a setter, and he knows the software. He understands the whole process, and it’s difficult to find a company that understands both the program and how to create jewelry. Overall, Jewelry CAD Dream makes my life much easier."

Ramiro Ortega
‘Finesse Fine Jewelry’, U.S.A.

"Here’s an example of how Jewelry CAD Dream has helped make designing easier for me. I used to use Matrix, and any time a client wanted to make changes I had to rebuild the whole piece with the changes. It was the same thing with my wholesale work. I could design a wedding band for example, but I would have to rebuild it for every single ring size. But with Jewelry CAD Dream, all I have to do is go into the History Tree and make the changes there, and the design updates automatically. It’s so much easier. The other important difference is the training that John provides. There’s a lot of software on the market, but without the service it is worth nothing. I recently had a question and we went online together so John could show me what to do. Within minutes, he not only answered my question, he showed me how to do it. I don’t think you’ll find that kind of service with any other software package. Jewelry CAD Dream truly is a good investment."

Tony Milad
‘Milad Atelier’, U.S.A.

"Jewelry CAD Dream the name says it all, a jeweler dream come true. A fantastic program for jewelry making and designers. And the support is a dream as well, it is like you have an in house support team. Most questions are replied within 24 hours. Every jeweler or jewelry designer should try it before buying any other program."

Benjamin Cohen
‘Imperial Jewelry Company’, Thailand

“I have worked for 15 years and 5 years with Rhino Matrix. I have to construct more and more CAD models it was important for me to be able to work effectively. Even small design changes meant to generate a high workload because in Rhino the History of the individual objects will be deleted as soon as they are processed. JCD stores the instructions that lead to a model. So I can make at any point in the tree structure changes or even add new commands. The model is then automatically rebuilt. The construction of series with as different stone sizes is much faster and with less effort than with Rhino with JCD. I do not have to construct each model, but can just change the relevant parameters of the basic model and adapt them to specific locations the construction.
I have tried several parametric programs and decided on JCD, because it is clearly laid out and is stable. With Johns Tutorials and his patient help I quickly learned to work with JCD. Compared with Rhino I constructed just as quickly after only a month, now after 6 months I work much more effectively with JCD.”

Roland Wittel
‘Goldschmiede Wittel’, Germany

“I have been a jeweller in our family business since I was 15. Watching CAD come into the industry was very exciting and we wanted to be a part of it. We looked around at many programs but were put off by the initial cost of most programs and the very minimal training provided. Then we found Jewelry CAD Dream.
Right from the start Jewelry Cad Dream Staff were very helpful and answered all our questions. They even got us in contact with others who had the program so we could get their opinion. We are so happy with the program as it stands out above the rest on the market. I am able to model product for our customers and then make the adjustments if required with a simple step through history.
Because of the fantastic tutoring options available, I am now modelling within a very short time. John is very patient and has an enormous wealth of knowledge. When there is something I can’t work out, he is only an email away and has the answer back to me quickly. This is great when you are trying to work to a deadline.
Most of all, being on the opposite side of the globe in Australia, it can feel like you’re on your own. But Michele and John always check in on how I’m doing and are very encouraging.
We would recommend Jewelry CAD Dream to anyone who wants to get into CAD in the jewellery industry, especially if you have no prior CAD experience.”

Rachel Bird
‘R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design’, Australia

“We are a small; family owned and operated, Jewellery Company in a small Suburb, Milford, on the North Shore in Auckland.
We have been using CAD since 2005, and in hind sight, should have started with it sooner. We used a cheaper (or so we thought) CAD program that was tweaked with add on programs (there comes the extra expense) for jewellery design and manufacturing, with constant costly upgrades and challenges.
We trust Alan (Stratton) as a long standing supplier (and now after many years, a dear friend), so we took him serious when he suggested Jewelry Cad Dream as a better solution to what we were using. He would not compromise our long standing relationship for a quick one-off sale, so we jumped in and we’ve never looked back.
We started on Jewelry Cad Dream in March 2014, and now, 120 designs later, we are comfortable to say that it truly was a very wise business investment. We find the program much more advanced, versatile and user friendly than any other CAD program that we’ve experienced.
This tool gives us the opportunity to: – Be competitive in pricing – Give the customer a visual image (rendered like a photo) – Allow the customer to make design changes BEFORE the cost of manufacturing is spent! (This totally eliminates comebacks or re-makes! … Time and money wasters gone!!!!) – It makes for accurate, fast, successful deliveries; quick turnaround means more money in the bank!
CAD can be daunting and somewhat intimidating for us ‘old school’ jewellers, as the youngsters that are better equipped with computer skills are flooding in, BUT don’t be fooled: you need be familiar (and preferably experienced) with the process of manufacturing and especially gem-setting to be able to deliver a successful design file for manufacturing. This offers somewhat of a protection to us as jewellers, and gives us the advantage even if we are not totally computer literate.
Here’s some genuine advice: if you don’t start implementing CAD, and especially Jewelry Cad Dream, in your day to day jewelry manufacturing, you just won’t be able to offer competitive prices and you’ll soon be left behind.
We will forever be grateful for the good advice…..”

Juan & Jean Thereze Steenkamp
‘Jeanco Jewellers Milford’, New Zealand

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