Thousands of customizable models at your finger tips

The ‘Jewelry COUNTER Design STUDIO’ is a comprehensive and expanding library of premade jewelry designs and components. With this you have access to a range of quality designs including their full build history; which means you can make countless modifications to suit each purpose. Subsequently, users can create a vast inventory of customized jewelry or make alterations and produce stunning real time renders in front of their customers eyes. Take a design and make it your own! Create and use your files as you like and with the service bureau you choose.

Unlimited variations

The Jewelry COUNTER Design STUDIO gives you full control over all aspects of your build, meaning that you can create literally an unlimited number of variations.

Instant Inventory

Buy a package and receive the model's file and renderings of each model variation. Build up your own jewelry inventory in an instant.

What You Can Do Examples

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Jewelry CAD Model