Jewelry Cad Dream Has Functions Other Programs Can Only Dream About

My name is Allan Stratton
Jewelry Cad Dream software is brilliance in the making.
Now you have the Jewelry Design Studio as part of Jewelry Cad Dream software and comes with the Lite or Professional software packages.
These packages can now be subscribed to on a monthly basis.
(Two months minimum term)
No strings attached.
With the studio you can choose your patterns from a carousel exactly the same as your settings, shanks, stones and other choices.
All patterns can be customized for your client.
You can add your designs that have been made with Jewelry Cad Dream software to your Jewelry Design Studio for more variations.
Have a look at the designs that have been created with this brilliant program.
This program does what other Jewelry Designers using other programs can only dream of.
All files designed with Jewelry Cad Dream can be altered at any time.
Click on the Jewelry Counter Display to watch different contents.
You will be amased at what JCD you can achieve as a designer.
No limits and there is more