JCD V.14 Permanent

From $5850 to $3,850
  • Includes Complete Online Training - 1 Year
  • Includes Dedicated Email Support - 1 Year
  • Yours to Keep, Forever

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Please allow 1 - 2 business days (after purchase) for your software codes to be generated and emailed to you (usually much quicker than this). In the meantime you will have instant access to downloads and training material via the members area.

ZW 2020 + V.14 UPGRADES

JCD V.13 to JCD V.14

  • Includes Complete Online Training
  • Includes Dedicated Email Support
  • Yours to Keep, Forever

JCD 2015 to JCD V.14

  • Includes Complete Online Training
  • Includes Dedicated Email Support
  • Yours to Keep, Forever

JCD 2015 LITE to JCD V.14

  • Includes Complete Online Training
  • Includes Dedicated Email Support
  • Yours to Keep, Forever

Private Training Also Available

Please get in touch for details

Other Add-ons

Keyshot Render Software

$1000 One Time Fee

Bullet Proof Booleans

$845 One Time Fee


$2350 One Time Fee
  • Includes Standalone Software
JCCM 3D Printer Jewelry - Jewelry Design Software

3D Printer - Complete Starter Package

The high-definition printer will put you far ahead of the competition. Includes everything you need to get printing: 3D Printer (Inc. all needed parts); Printer Software (unlimited licenses); Power Cord with AC Adaptor; Ethernet Cable; Set of Scrapers; Putty Knife (model removal tool); 1 x 500g Bottle of Castable Resin; UV Curing Lamp; 1 Year Warranty.

Please Inquire for the Latest Pricing (We Run Deals All The Time!)

Burgandy Castable Jewelry Resin 3D Printer

Castable Burgandy Resin - 500g

Castable, clean burn-out, precious metal friendly.


Blue Jewelry Resin 3D Printer

Blue Resin - 500g

For prototyping and model making, not castable, strong prints.


Jewelry Design Software

Picker Plate

Spare picker plate/platform, what the print-outs are built on.


Jewelry Design Software

Teflon Tank

Spare Teflon tank, for holding the resin in the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Retainer Tank Glass

Spare retainer tank glass for the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Glass Tray Container

Spare glass tray container for the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Scraper - 10 Pieces

Purpose-made scrapers for mixing resins and cleaning.


Jewelry Design Software

UV Curing Lamp

UV curing lamp for curing print-outs (this 'toughens' the resin).


“Compared with Rhino I constructed just as quickly after only a month, now after 6 months I work much more effectively with JCD.”

Roland Wittel, ‘Goldschmiede Wittel’, Germany

“We would recommend Jewelry CAD Dream to anyone who wants to get into CAD in the jewellery industry, especially if you have no prior CAD experience.”

Rachel Bird, ‘R&B Sutherland Jewellers by Design’, Australia

"Choosing Jewelry CAD Dream as my Cad program was the best choice I could have made."

Auston Baca, ‘La Vita VitalI’, U.S.A.

“Jewelry CAD Dream gives me creative freedom, and helps me to see the finished product.”

— Alex Zamsky, ‘Alex & Company’, U.S.A.

“Jewelry CAD Dream is easy, easy, easy. I tried Rhinoceros before and I just couldn’t understand it.”

— Charly Ordenanz, ‘Brillante Jewelers’, U.S.A.

“It’s a great program. I checked out some other programs like Matrix or 3D, and found that Jewelry CAD Dream is much more advanced and has a more powerful engine.”

— Michael Shnayder, ‘Euro Design Jewelry’, U.S.A.

* * * Please note that no refunds or returns shall be given on software or training, unless mitigating circumstances are present * * *

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