The installation and activation of Jewelry CAD Dream V.14 is just like any other software. However, there are a few steps and points to be aware of, so we highly recommend that you watch the installation video below or follow the guide. Alternatively, you can set up a Remote Installation with one of our support representatives and they will take care of the install for you (this can be purchased in the JCCM Store).

Installation and Activation Video Guide

How To Remove Expired Codes and Activate Your New Codes

Uninstallation Video Guide

If you are currently running a previous version of Jewelry CAD Dream. It is important that you return your ZW3D softcode from the License Manager and then perform a clean uninstall of your version of JCD. The video guide below will take you through how to do this. This will ensure that your new version of JCD will run in the cleanest possible way. .

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