The idea was there, but those early packages just didn’t reach the potential that the overall CAD market had to offer. In fact it was a little bit frustrating. It was like looking at the Wright Brother’s first airplane, but knowing the Concorde could be built.

They were also disappointed with the amount of training each software company provided. Not to mention the teachers weren’t bonafide quality jewelry designers, bench jewelers or diamond setters. Without this knowledge they knew your training will be limited. Knowledge is GOLD! A weekend might be enough for someone who already understand CAD, but what about the average jeweler or hobbyist who only had basic computer skills – if that? Not to mention the fact that you might have to travel thousands of miles for training classes or try to learn on your own with a set of DVDs.

JCCM, LLC envisioned a better way by asking the questions..What if we could tap a top quality CAD engines full potential to create a program that was actually much more robust, faster and easier for you to use? And what if we provided you with live online coaching in a virtual classroom from trainers that construct jewelry properly? What if we can provide tutorials that allows designers to attend and learn any time? What if all of this was at an incredible value?

So JCCM, LLC focused on creating a software package that could do that and more for an excellent value. Built on a highly-advanced proprietary CAD engine known for its blistering speed, the team was able to create a Jewelry CAD design interface that took advantage of a quality CAD engines capabilities, and make jewelry designing much more enjoyable!

JCCM, LLC also developed live, online modeling classes creating quality jewelry that allows jewelers from all over the world to attend classes – without ever having to travel. The Jewelry CAD Dream Members Program allows jewelers to log into, when they want, our repository of tutorials at an extremely affordable rate along with a community forum to discuss creative ways to design and overcome hurdles.

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Years ago, the founding members of JCCM, LLC

started experimenting with the very first

Jewelry CAD Program...

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