best 3d printer for jewelry

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High Resolution

The high-end LED DLP projector provides for extreme definition, requiring less supports and improved accuracy.

Extreme Smoothness

The unique PLS (Protective Layering System) technology allows for super-smooth surfaces - a result that is seen clearly after casting.

Blistering Speed

The proprietary FGT (Floating Glass Technology) will allow you to print as many as 50 rings in just 3 1/2 hours.


The printing resin that we offer is formulated to provide an extreme clean burnout. Combining this with the high-tech capabilities of the printer ensures that minimal tidying-up work is needed - ultimately leading to the most stable casting possible.

Quick Specs:

XXL Pro: 150mm x 84.5mm x 120mm Build Plate | 65μm XY Resolution | 5μm - 200μm Z Resolution
HD: 120mm x 70mm x 120mm Build Plate | 65μm XY Resolution | 5μm - 200μm Z Resolution
XHD Pro: 110mm x 62mm x 120mm Build Plate | 65μm XY Resolution | 5μm - 200μm Z Resolution/span>

(Detailed specs at bottom of page - other build plate sizes and resolutions also available)


Add resin to wax tree:

Jewelry 3D Printer Resin Cast

Resin is cured and added to wax tree. These resins are printed at 25μm.

Post-Cast Pre-CleanUp:

best 3d printer for jewelry

Text on the inside of a shank is notoriously tricky to cast well...but not here!

Post-Cast Pre-CleanUp:

Jewelry 3D Printer Resin Cast

Even looking at a rough casting you can see that the milgrain is well defined.

Post-Clean and Tumble, Pre-Polish:

Jewelry 3D Printer Resin Cast

This text is super fine, at 1mm in height. But with our 3D printer, it isn't a problem.

Post-Clean and Tumble, Pre-Polish:

Jewelry 3D Printer Resin Cast

No porosity so far! The smooth surface will allow for quick polishing.


Our 3D printer is inherently easy to use - but we want to be sure that you feel like an immediate pro. That's why we provide you with everything you will need to get printing right away (well, 30 minutes) with our starter package.

From box to print in a 30 minute stint.


What's included:

  • 3D Printer
  • 1 Bottle of Castable Resin
  • A Set of Scrapers
  • 1 Model Removal Tool
  • Printing Tank with UV Safe Resin Storage Box
  • Picker (Build Plate)
  • AC Adapter Power Cord and Ethernet Cable
  • UV Curing Lamp (To Cure the Model After Printing)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • CAD Software for Slicing and Support Generation
  • 50 Ready-To-Print Jewelry Models


Jewelry 3D Printer
JCCM 3D Printer Jewelry - Jewelry Design Software

3D Printer - Complete Starter Package

The high-definition printer that will put you far ahead of the competition. Includes everything you need to get printing: 3D Printer (Inc. all needed parts); Printer Software (unlimited licenses); Power Cord with AC Adaptor; Ethernet Cable; Set of Scrapers; Putty Knife (model removal tool); 1 x 500g Bottle of Castable Resin; UV Curing Lamp; 1 Year Warranty.

Please Inquire for Latest Pricing (We Run Deals All The Time!)

Burgandy Castable Jewelry Resin 3D Printer

Castable Burgandy Resin - 500g

Castable, clean burn-out, precious metal friendly.


Blue Jewelry Resin 3D Printer

Blue Resin - 500g

For prototyping and model making, not castable, strong prints.


Jewelry Design Software

Picker Plate

Spare picker plate/platform, what the print-outs are built on.


Jewelry Design Software

Teflon Tank

Spare Teflon tank, for holding the resin in the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Retainer Tank Glass

Spare retainer tank glass for the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Glass Tray Container

Spare glass tray container for the 3D Printer.


Jewelry Design Software

Scraper - 10 Pieces

Purpose-made scrapers for mixing resins and cleaning.


Jewelry Design Software

UV Curing Lamp

UV curing lamp for curing print-outs (this 'toughens' the resin).



Build Area 120mm x 70mm x 120mm
Resolution 65um
Wavelength 405um
Ideal Temperature 50 to 86°F
Humidity 40% to 60%
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Network Browser Google Chrome
File Input .STL, .SLC, .ZIP(PNG), .CWS, .WRK
Printer Size 17 x 17 x 23 1/2" 83-lbs
Interface Ethernet Connection, USB (Direct Printing)
Power Input 100-240V AC, 2A 50/60HZ
Packaged Size & Weight 32 x 32 x 37 1/2" (Including Packing) 127.60 lbs
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